Terms & Conditions

By agreeing to the terms and conditions below you are entering into a legal binding contract between yourself and Number Plates Direct. Any purchases from Number Plates Direct confirms you agree to the terms and conditions below: Under the consumer contracts regulations 2014, all rights are lost when agreeing to the terms and conditions. No cancellations, nor returns can be granted, all orders are processed with immediate effect.

  • Number Plates Direct will only supply number plates in accordance to the INF104 guide issued by the DVLA
  • Number Plates Direct will not alter or provide illegal number plates, this includes show plates. Should a number plate be entered into the builder with illegal spacing, Number Plates Direct reserves the right to correct the spacing and issue legal plates. Under no circumstances shall Number Plates Direct issue mis-spaced number plates.
  • Number Plates direct will require for the legal documentation to be provided in order to supply your number plates. Please note Number Plates Direct will not dispatch any orders until the relevant documents have been provided.
  • If you have not received your order within 7 working days you should inform us immediately. Our customer care team will investigate this with Royal Mail or the alternative forwarder.
  • Please note Number Plates Direct try their upmost to keep the website up to date with any changes. The images provided via Number Plates Direct plate builder are a representation of the number plate supplied for illustrative purposes, however Number Plates Direct cannot be held liable should the flag / border / colour different slightly.
  • Please note Number Plates Direct cannot be held liable for delays or missing orders caused by Royal Mail. You agree that Number Plates Direct are relieved of all responsibility.
  • Any number plates supplied by Number Plates Direct should not be secured to the vehicle unless the correct legal transfer process has been followed.
  • Number Plates Direct will not manufacture number plates provided as a sign, for example; “PARKING” etc. If an order is placed Number Plates Direct will not be held liable to issue a refund for consumables used. All orders are printed with immediate effect once a payment is made.
  • All number plates supplied by Number Plates Direct will be printed with the supplying outlet and postcode, along with the legal BSAU 145d markings.
  • Number Plates Direct has invested in state of the art printers to ensure the delivery and customer service is outstanding. Once a payment has been made our state of the art printers print the film with immediate effect, this ensure the quickest dispatch times once ID is uploaded. Number Plates Direct cannot refund any order once printed. Numbers plates fall under the personalised goods act and therefore non-refundable.
  • Number Plates Direct will hold any order for up to 8 weeks for the required ID to be uploaded. If the customer fails to upload ID within the 8 week period given, Number Plates Direct shall securely destroy the pending order. Number Plates Direct is under no liability to refund your order once destroyed. If the customer wishes to uploaded ID after the 8 week period, a new order will require to be placed.
  • Although we make every attempt to ensure our website is up to date. In the case of an item or error functioning on the website Number Plates Direct is relieved of all rights.
  • Any events to delay order processing outside the control of Number Plates Direct, (Postal System, Email). Number Plates Direct will be relieved of all responsibilities.
  • Whilst Number Plates Direct makes every attempt to ensure the website is kept up to date (Prices, Images) Number Plates Direct will be relieved of any issues. Number Plates Direct will always supply a like for like product.
  • Number Plates Direct is no way affiliated or associated with the DVLA.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure all buyer details are correct before payment being processed.
  • Should Number Plates Direct require to refund any purchases, please note refunds can take up to 7 working days to be processed.
  • Terms and conditions can be changed without any notice and will be reviewed monthly.
  • In the unlikely event you would like to make a complaint about the service received by Number Plates Direct, please email full details to info@numberplatesdirect.com

Terms & Conditions Reviewed – April 2020